Jul 24, 2007


Sat. a.m. Chip, my younger brother, nearly died. He had overdosed on heroin, was not breathing, did not have a pulse and his heart stopped. Thankfully, the doctors brought him back (God kept him alive). Ryan and I were outside San Francisco at the end of our vacation when we got the call from my mom. We rushed to the airport and flew on a red eye back to Memphis. Ryan got off the plane in Atlanta and drove the car up that night.
I was holding in the tears and praying all the way to Memphis. My cousins met me at the airport and I just let out all the tears and fears I had been holding onto. My family and family friends greeted me at the hospital and my older brother tearfully guided me to my brother's room. It was hard to see Chip in a coma but, my mom, dad and family who had been bathing Chip in prayer and were confident God was healing Chip and keeping him alive.
Sat. night his breaths were shallow and his eyes for fixed and dialated. God had different plans than death for Chip. Out of the darkness and death He he has brought Chip into life and His light. Our miracle on Sunday was him squeezing our hand, moving his feet, reacting to pain, and his eyes reacting to light.
My parents have been so strong, held up by God's power and his promises. The doctors have been not overly optimistic (actually some of them are discouraging) but, we'd hear what they said and immediatly start praying for God to work on it. They said because of lack of oxygen his kidneys and liver are probably damaged and today (Tues.) they said is kidneys are ok and his liver enzyms are improved.
The sour puss nurologist didn't give us much information today and said his brain was without oxygen for some time (impleying damage) but, from the first day of inactivity to Sun. of activity and report of nothing dead we are prayerful that he will restore his brain.
Pray right now for his brain. They are running tests as we speak. Tomorrow Chip will get his breathing tubes and feeding tubes in his mouth that have been making him choke when they take him off sedation and try to wake him will be replaced with a trach and a stomach feeding tube. Pray he will wake tomorrow(Wed.)


janet 4:53 PM  

Julia I am so sorry your family has to suffer through this pain and longing for chip. Know that we are praying for you and the long road ahead.

Welcome to the Studio Refuge Photography Blog!

Welcome to the Studio Refuge Photography Blog!
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