Dec 23, 2009

Still waiting....

So much for being on bed rest for two months to prevent our wee one from coming early. I am still impatiently waiting. May I add, huge, swollen, sleepless, painfully waddling and impatiently waiting. I'm 37 weeks, some odd pounds heavier (I will never tell- let me just say the kid loves his cow). He's been measuring 2 weeks ahead- 7.5 lbs this week and head and belly in the 90th percentile, God save me! I'm praying the doctor will whisk me to the hospital at tomorrows apt. to have my Christmas baby. Otherwise, I may cry, secretly hoping that will help the whisking.
We can't wait to meet our little boy! We've even resorted to bribery. A cut of the tax break for 2009, he can cone out and eat the same solid foods he's been consuming in utero- burgers, break and bake chocolate chip cookies. I've tried all the spicy or inducing food possible- egg plant parmesan, red curry, chilli, jalepenos and just straight up hot sauce on everything. He just taunts me with a dance.
Then theirs begging and pleading, swim to the light, are you trying to torture me?

Nov 27, 2009


This coming week, I'll begin my 9th month of pregnancy. I was planning to be "officially" on maternity break from photography in December. Our little man was wanting to arrive earlier than expected so, the doctor has slowed me down until he arrives.

My due date was Jan. 10th, but it's looking like he'll be here before Christmas. I am planning on getting back into photography in the late winter/ early spring. I am lucky I am able to do photography on weekends and still get to take care of our little guy/official Studio Refuge model. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement as we wait for his arrival. We are very excited to meet him! In addition to this blog, I'll be starting a baby blog where I'll get to share the joys and sleep deprivation of motherhood.


Looks just like his daddy

Nov 18, 2009

Custom Press Printed Holiday Cards

Order your holiday cards from Studio Refuge. Cards are completely customizable: Colors, Text and # of photos can be designed according to your preference.
Cards are professionally press printed on high quality card stock. flat 2 sided or 4 sided folded available. Visit Studio Refuge for the full assortment. I can work with your own photos, too. Turn around is fairly quick. Birth Announcements, Christmas, Hanukkah or even New Year's messages can be added. Here's an example of a client's card for this year.

We'll be waiting until our little boy arrives to send out a Birth Announcement/Holiday card. Every year I've photoshopped our dogs in our holiday cards, I don't think they'll miss having to pose or wear funny hats. I used the blue and tan argyle card for this photo.

Oct 31, 2009

Atlanta & Memphis Children's Photography | Allison Family Session

I had the best time with the Allison family on their farm in Arkansas. They live just over the bridge from Memphis on the flat delta planes. The fields were a beautiful, gold color from the soy bean leaves changing and powdered white in spots from cotton fields starting to bloom. This will be my longest sneak peek thus far and doesn't even scratch the surface of this little guys cuteness.

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Oct 23, 2009

Brown Session Sneak Peek

I photographed a fun couple and their pup, Sophie, in Piedmont Park. We shared mid-south roots. They grew up in Mississippi and I grew up nearby in Memphis. This sweet husband pampered his wife for her birthday with the coolest cowboy boots and a photography session.

Oct 22, 2009

Shah Engagement Session

I had the opportunity to photograph my dear friend from college and her sweet fiance, now husband. He planned out their whole engagement in detail and asked her to marry him in a hot air balloon, how romantic!

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Oct 7, 2009

Baby Cheeks Sneak Peek

How cute is she?

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Oct 3, 2009

Bella Italia

I've been meaning to post my Italy photos from our trip this summer. I took so many photos, I've been editing them a little at a time. I finally got some printed and am looking forward to hanging them on our blank living room walls. My other photographs and paintings have been hanging in my brother's restaurant in Memphis, so our walls have been very bare.
Here are some of my favorites. I have several others on my SR facebook page:

Rome: Cafe, Pantheon, Lady in a window

Florence: Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, Carousel Piazza degli Strozzi

Cinque Terre: Vernazza and Monterosso



Sienna Chapel

Copyright Julia Jones, Studio Refuge Photography©
Images may not be printed, copied or shared without permission.

Sep 17, 2009

Baby Jones and Studio Refuge Updates

Baby Jones Updates:
I'm 23 weeks pregnant now, almost 6 months. Feeling great and baby is healthy and moving and kicking a lot. We are having a baby boy. Name is still under negotiations. We'll probably end up announcing the name once he's born. He's due around January 10th. Here's his 20 weekultrasound.

I've got a few painting ideas in mind. Something modern, simple, but a little stylistic and abstract. I love simple, minimal paintings. I'll be tying in the cool colors of the room and popping in some warm colors, yellow, red and orange. Our house colors are greens and blues, because I love being able to accent with warm pillows, rugs and paintings. I typically lean towards warm, bright colors when I do paintings.
But, after some more searching I love this room, too!

Studio Refuge News:

September is fully booked on the weekends for photoshoots! October weekends are also full with the exception of a few spots on the October 18th special mini session date. There are some weekday spots open.
November is fairly open and will be a great time to get on those family, kids and couples portraits for the holidays. December, I'll be nesting and doing client holiday orders for cards and gifts. Then taking a break the rest of the winter to settle in with our baby boy. Sessions will reopen for booking in March.

One of the great new home additions for hopefully, the spring or summer will be a home photography studio in our garage. I've been scoping out some amazing modern, boutique style backdrops for the home studio. Of course, Baby Jones will the first official model for the new home studio. I have a portable lighting set up and look forward to a portable backdrop set up as well.

Another fun update, I have been spending waaaay to much time on the new Studio Refuge flash website. I am extremely detail oriented and knit-picky with getting things just right. Which is great for you if you are one of my photography clients because I pay attention to detail when shooting and especially when editing photos. Not so good when I am trying to get a new flash site up. I have gone back and forth on background colors, logos, text colors a bunch of times.

I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and get it up especially because it will have a great new feature, a shopping cart. Client proof galleries can just click and add photos to their cart and select sizes and discounted packages. That's it for now. Looking forward to the rain stopping and the sessions in the upcoming weeks.

Aug 6, 2009


Special Fall Mini Sessions
30 min. time slots
Winn Park , 69 Lafayette Drive, Ansley Park in Atlanta
Sat., Aug. 29, 9am - 2pm (Rain Date, Sept. 6th)
Sun., Oct. 18, 1pm- 6pm (Rain Date, Oct. 24th 4-6pm or 25th 1-3pm)

What is the cost of a Special Mini Session?
The cost of a weekend thirty minute Special Fall Mini Session is $65. The session fee is due at the time of booking and payable by secure Paypal transaction.

May I book multiple mini sessions together?
You may book more than one session in a row. In fact, it is recommended that you book multiple sessions if you have two or more children or a little one ( 3 or younger, take a little more time to warm up). The cost of a double Special Fall Mini Session (two sessions) is $115.

How do I sign up for a mini session?
Please call 404.849.5676 or Email Julia

Where is Winn Park located?
Winn Park is located in Ansley Park in Midtown Atlanta, 69 Lafayette Drive.
Sessions will take place at the west end of the park adjacent to Peachtree Circle.
Street parking on Lafayette Drive.

What if it rains or the weather is bad on the day of our mini session?
In case of inclement weather, mini photo sessions will be held on our rain date. If you have any questions about weather, please call me at 404.849.5676. When booking your session, please make sure that you are able to attend both the planned photo session date and the back up date.

What to wear?
Bright colors, textures, patterns and accessories like hats, necklaces, headbands, and layers are
a great way to make a photograph unique.
I'm personally not big on matchy, matchy, but
would encourage not going with colors that contrast too much with other family members. Keep it easy, jeans and a cute top, or a cute dress, patterned or ruffly skirts for little girls. Bring accessories we can play with.

How do I view and purchase my photos?
About a week or two after your photo session, you will receive an email notifying you that your images are ready to be viewed on the proof gallery. A link will be provided which will enable you to view your images online. If you prefer, you may place your order via email, phone or by meeting for an ordering session.

How many images will I get to choose from?
Generally there will be 40 to 50 images per thirty minute mini session. Numbers may vary as each session is different. Only the best images in an effort to make your selections easier.

Can I use an image from our mini session for a holiday card?
Absolutely, you may order prints which can be inserted into photo cards or choose a press-printed folded card option where the image is printed directly onto a heavy stock. These cards also allow for a small image on the back of the card, which adds interest and personality

Welcome to the Studio Refuge Photography Blog!

Welcome to the Studio Refuge Photography Blog!
Hi, I'm Julia Jones. I'm a mama to Bennett, now 10 months. I've been married for 6 years to my hubbie, Ryan (yes, even a photographer's husband dislike family photos). We also have two pups, Hank and Woody. We live in Atlanta, and I have family in Memphis, Rome, Cartersville and Knoxville so, I am up for traveling for sessions.

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