Jun 28, 2009

I have some major catching up to do....

I need to update my court case with bored Doraville traffic cop and his buddy, buddy judge. (there's a hint)
I've got a million Italy photos to share and millions more I still haven't edited.
I've got videos and photos of my brother, Chip's progress with learning to walk again.

But, what I've really been waiting 3 months to post is..................................

We're having a BABY!!!!!! I'm being lapped by my friends with procreating, but we are finally there. It's been a long hard, private journey, as most women like me with infertility issues experience. I knew I wouldn't really want to share publicly my journey until I finally has some good news and hope to share with others.

Our "maybe baby girl" as I call him or her because the doctor was pretty sure it's a girl, is due early January 10 or 12th, but I am for end of December. I was always annoyed with parents talking in weeks..."Why can't you just say your kid is 2 not 24 months" or "Hang on let me do the math on 16 weeks pregnant" But, seeing how each week is another milestone, I'm right there with pregnant moms.

It's a sweet reminder of God's goodness to be due in January because we lost our baby this past January. Of course, that makes these past 3 months a little more worrisome, but our little one is healthy and active, moving around and kicking already.

Of course, our child will be the most well documented child with photographs. I'm looking forward to our babies first photo shoot.

Here "she" is: (Turns out it was a he;)

11.5 weeks pregnant. Moving alot, looks like she's sucking her thumb.

6 weeks pregnant in Italy.
I was so thankful I wasn't sick and could carry around my pack.
9.5 weeks pregnant.

11.5 weeks pregnant


CSP 6:54 AM  

Congrats again Julia!! Aim for the 31st of Dec.! That is EK's birthday and also Marilyn's daughters birthday!! I was with you on the weeks until I actually had EK...it makes a whole lot more sense now because the skills are so different at even a couple of weeks!

Johnson Family 7:41 AM  

Congratulations! What a beautiful blessing!!

geeky Heather 5:11 PM  

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I just read this! HUGS!!

Welcome to the Studio Refuge Photography Blog!

Welcome to the Studio Refuge Photography Blog!
Hi, I'm Julia Jones. I'm a mama to Bennett, now 10 months. I've been married for 6 years to my hubbie, Ryan (yes, even a photographer's husband dislike family photos). We also have two pups, Hank and Woody. We live in Atlanta, and I have family in Memphis, Rome, Cartersville and Knoxville so, I am up for traveling for sessions.

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