Jul 30, 2008


I got to visit my family for a week in Memphis. Chip will be going to Timber Ridge Neuro Rehabilitation Center in the next couple of week so it was nice to spend time with him. Once you get him past his questions he gets stuck on from his short term memory loss, he can talk to you about anything. They are suppose to get him walking at the rehab. center. That will be exciting for him to have that independence. I know that is where alot of his frustration comes from.
I made him some folders with his questions on them and sheets of paper inside each one with the answers on them so he can visualize the answer and file it away like his brain should do. Unfortunantly, now for my parents he loves his folders and wants to use them constantly. Time will tell if it will be helpful in improving his short term memory.

For my Dad's Birthday we went to our favorite family Italian restaurant, Pete and Sam's. My dad and his Italian side of the family has known their family for many years. Sam bickers with his sister who takes phone orders so much you'd mistake them as a married couple. The photo above shows my great uncle Joe with Mike Tyson.

Shelby Farms is a beautiful conservancy near the Wolf River. Part of the park is reserved for agriculture which is sold at their farmers market. I grew up riding my mountain bike on the trails, walking next to the lakes, buffalo and horses.


Welcome to the Studio Refuge Photography Blog!

Welcome to the Studio Refuge Photography Blog!
Hi, I'm Julia Jones. I'm a mama to Bennett, now 10 months. I've been married for 6 years to my hubbie, Ryan (yes, even a photographer's husband dislike family photos). We also have two pups, Hank and Woody. We live in Atlanta, and I have family in Memphis, Rome, Cartersville and Knoxville so, I am up for traveling for sessions.

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