Apr 25, 2008

Back over yonder

Ryan, myself & Hank and Woody (our newest family member)
are headed to the TN farm.
We'll spend our time exploring the farm and enjoying the last days of the old hay barn that will collapse any day now. I'm sure I'll be chasing after the dogs who love to run into the busy country road instead of 120 acres of wide open land. My parents and brother are meeting us up there. I can't wait to see my family and have a nice laid back weekend on the farm.


Heather 3:47 PM  

Have a great time!! Pick some blackberries for me....

Julia 4:43 PM  

Blackberry pickin' is later in the summer. Cherry pickin' is early summer.

Welcome to the Studio Refuge Photography Blog!

Welcome to the Studio Refuge Photography Blog!
Hi, I'm Julia Jones. I'm a mama to Bennett, now 10 months. I've been married for 6 years to my hubbie, Ryan (yes, even a photographer's husband dislike family photos). We also have two pups, Hank and Woody. We live in Atlanta, and I have family in Memphis, Rome, Cartersville and Knoxville so, I am up for traveling for sessions.

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